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Amazing Musical Discoveries for The Sonic Adventurer #1: LAURA

March 2, 2008


Laura is an Australian post-rock band that at first listen, I must admit, sounds like every other post-rock band out there. Though, they did grow on me after a couple of listens. And with every listen, I hear something new from them which is quite an amazing feat to achieve when you’re a band in a sea of similar-sounding bands. Subtle electronics, huge wall of sound, cathartic build-ups, atmospheric calm parts, cello, piano, “twinkling guitars”, steady drumming, minor vocal parts, amazing melodies, CATHARSIS. Laura has it all. And they don’t sound boring and bored (which is a feeling I get when listening to some of the similar-sounding bands). The songs are long, but they don’t drag.

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Laura – Mapping Your Dreams

Laura’s myspace

Laura’s website