The Obligatory Year-ender List Pt. 2

December 27, 2007

Okay, this is a sort of Awards thingamajig for this year’s best of the best in comics, according to moi.

NOTE: This is only according to the ones I read this year. If you think I have been a bit biased, then think away. But once I do get to read the others, and my opinions might change, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Astonishing X-Men


Joss Whedon’s run of AXM is one of the best runs this year, if not ever. This title is also responsible for making Cyclops a bad-ass again. THANK GOD! The artwork by John Cassaday is marvelous, pun intended. It’s just a bit depressing that he’s now taking a break from comics (I’m not sure, but I’ve heard it was the case). Here’s to hoping that Warren Ellis’ run will be as good or even better than Mr. Whedon’s run.



Like I said above, Cyclops transformed from I character I started to hate, to a character I started to love again. He’s bad-ass, he’s got a hot wife. And he’s a leader. The cyclops I remember from when I started reading X-Men in the first place.

Hottest Comic Book Babe:

Emma Frost




Messiah Complex



Now, everybody has been raving about the Sinestro Corps War, but to be frank, I haven’t been following the DCU the past year. I don’t know why. I like DC. I read DC books. But nothing has peaked my interest during the past year. And since I lack the cash to add shit to my pull list, I kind of ignored stuff that I later came to regret ignoring. Sinestro Corps War is an example. So, during the next year, I promise I will catch up on the DCU while still keeping an eye on Marvel. Hopefully, my money won’t run out.




I have raved about Mr. Brubaker in the past, so you don’t need anymore background information. This is a crime story. A crime story that works on so many different levels, but yet is able to maintain it’s own style and is both a throwback and an homage to one of the genres that is close to my heart… CRIME FICTION. It was a road traveled a lot, but Mr Brubaker managed to find a way to make his own trail. The artwork by Mr. Sean Phillips is stunning as well. And he draws amazing cars. I just have to say it. YOU DRAW CARS GOOD, SEAN PHILLIPS.


Ed Brubaker

Yes. I may be acting like a total fanboy. Him and Geoff Johns have been neck and neck this year. I like Geoff Johns. I like JSA. But I don’t know. I’m looking for something that I only found in Mr. Brubaker and I don’t even know what that is. Then again, I haven’t read Sinestro Corps War. (DAMN I HAVE TO READ THAT). So yeah, in my opinion, Ed Brubaker has written amazing stuff during the past year. His body of work encompassed a lot and that only shows that he is a versatile writer, with a lot of skill and dedication and his own distinct style.

Artist Of The Year:

John Cassaday

I would just have to say it. Astonishing X-Men looks good. His art is amazing. He is quite talented. I loved his work on Planetary. And I loved his work on Astonishing.


Like I said, I read more Marvel this year than DC. I don’t know. Marvel got me into comic books, and now felt like the time to keep in touch with “my roots” once again. Resulting in a neglect of the entire DCU and missing out on the good shit that came out this year. I did read some DC titles, and all of them I loved. So I’m going to reccomend them.


A literal shake-up of the Shazam! mythos where everyone gets promoted. Captain Marvel becoming Shazam, etc. Freedy Freeman now has to prove himself in order to acquire the powers of the old Captain Marvel.


I like Geoff John’s writing here. Also, Alex Ross’ cover art is stunning. I especially like the one with Power Girl on the cover.

There you have it, that was my year in comicland.


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